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Love relationships and horary astrology

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Have you ever felt the need to know what someone you like, the person you are dating, or your current partner feels about you? There are several factors that make us feel attracted to someone.

It may be that you feel a lot of physical attraction towards that person but have no feelings towards her/him. Or ** maybe ** you love her/his personality and have feelings for her/him, but she/he doesn't attract you physically.

To find out if a relationship has a future, it is important to find out if the feelings are mutual. Although, of course, we are human beings, not characters from fairy-tale, so there will always be a certain amount of ambivalence.


Relationships can go through difficult times. So it is necessary to understand what the other person really thinks, and understand what the priorities of both are, in order to find out if there is room for improvement, and what can be done to make that improvement happen.

On other occasions, we might be wondering whether or not it is a good idea to re-establish contact with someone from our past. Or we might want to know if a new relationship can have a future. Many questions can arise when we are in love.

Horary astrology is a great tool for answering specific questions like these – and others on many different topics – since it allows us to understand what's happening with each piece on the chessboard, and where each of them is heading.

For more information and inquiries, I invite you to visit my website: www.leahcuperman.com

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"החלום שלי הוא שציורי אמנים עם אוטיזם יגיעו לבניין האו"ם בניו-יורק ולמקומות נוספים בעולם"

האמנית הירושלמית תמנע מוסט, שיצירותיה בטכניקת הדיו ואקריליק הוצגו במגוון תערוכות בארץ וגם בבלגיה, מסייעת לקידום "גשר לעולם" – מיזם שבמסגרתו מוצגות תערוכות ציורים של

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